Close isn’t Home Media Development

Social media production for the promotion
and branding of Close isn’t Home. (@closeisnthome) is an online and social media platform for intersectional, black, indigenous, and of color identities interested in 3D game art. Samantha Vassor and Grace Kwon are the co-founders and artists behind Close isn’t Home. As part of their initiative, Close isn’t Home has been filling in the gap created by the lack of digital resources for BIPOC and the lack of 3D models representative of narratives and cultures in
open-source 3D libraries. The website consists of an interactive game and a commenting section that prompts online discussion, as well as articles, readings, documentaries, etc. catered towards learning more about the experiences and cultures the regional objects represent. 
The Instagram (@closeisnthome) has consisted of digital art skillshares and collaborations, video workshops and live-streams, an open-source 3D object library, and resource lists all catered towards creating accessibility of digital art for BIPOC experiences.Through this project, they are recording culturally specific objects as points of empathy, normalizing their definitions and connotations beyond the label of “cultural object”.