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Samantha Vassor focuses as a 3D Designer but
also works in graphic design, illustration, and interactive arts.

Vassor’s clients/experiences include Kin Euphorics, Refinery29Eva-NYC, Spectacles by Snap, Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami, and Google Summer of Code.


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Junior Designer, Eva-
FeelaneD Designer, 10011.c
Metooogleummer of C
Fre esigner, ICA MScted Grouphibtions & Residenc
Digital Artt Residency 2021, Digital Artist Residency, On
iDARRAD x GUCCI Global Design Graduate Show
Refusing Refl, mu Nomu Gallery & Online, Baltimore, Marylan
BFA 202 Serng the ple, Onl
T rden oForki Paths, Current Space Gallery, Baltimore, Mary